Open Hours & Address

7am – 4pm

1110 Washington Ave, Golden, CO 80401
(303) 279-1905



About our Golden cafe

Windy Saddle Cafe is Golden. Friendly, interesting, passionate people of all ages hang out here. We stir things up every season to offer more unique products and events. 

Need a little more information? Here you go …

* The Saddle is charming, cozy and has a cool western atmosphere.

* We are conveniently located in the heart of Golden (right next to the Golden arch!)

* Our menu boasts gourmet sandwiches, fresh salads and delicious pastries.

* Our bakers KNOW what you love. From cinnamon rolls to scones and brownies. Gluten full, Gluten free and vegan. The choice is yours.

* It’s all about the coffee. We use roasters that are experts in their field. Ethically sourced and perfectly roasted. We stand 100% by our espresso and coffee and guarantee you will not be disappointed.

* We have wine and beer to complement your meals.

* We think kids need a place too. We have a special place and menu for them here.

* We are on the main drag and have a great outdoor seating area to enjoy Golden!

* Our customer service will never fail you.

* We are INVOLVED in all things Golden. Our community needs us as much as we need them.

* Catering available and special bakery orders accepted.

Please visit our other restaurant in town: TRAILHEAD TAPHOUSE AND KITCHEN (a mere 200 feet south of the Saddle).

We hail from Wisconsin, so be sure to stop in to watch the Packers with us and have some cheese curds!

DeAnn & Brett Wieber