Open Hours & Address

7am – 4pm

1110 Washington Ave, Golden, CO 80401
(303) 279-1905

Serving the Best

Best of the Best

Colorado has A LOT to offer. That is why we team up with the best small local businesses for our product. We proudly serve Conscious Coffee (Boulder), Sanctuary Chai (Denver), Sherpa Chai (Boulder), City Bakery (Denver), Still Point CBD Coffee (Lakewood) and more! If you love it, take some home (beans and chai available for purchase). Our sandwiches come from Greateful Bread in Golden, CO.

Baked daily from scratch

The Windy Saddle Bake Shop makes a large assortment of pastries, from cupcakes and pies to scones, muffins and bars. We also offer many vegan and gluten free options.